Programme Committee

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The organizing committee consists of expertise in games, multiagent reinforcement learning and planning, computational game theory, and machine learning.

Viliam Lisy is an associate professor at Czech Technical University in Prague and principal scientist at Avast. His research is focused on computational game theory and its applications in security domains. He previously co-organized the AAAI-17 Workshop on Computer Poker and Imperfect Information Games.

Noam Brown is a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. His research focus is on game-theoretic techniques for playing large imperfect-information games. He previously co-organized the AAAI-18 Imperfect-Information Games Workshop mentioned above.

Martin Schmid is a research scientist at DeepMind. His research focuses on RL in games. He previously co-organized the previous RLG workshop at AAAI-21.

All three co-organisers have published papers on theoretic and algorithmic aspects of computing strategies for complex games at the top conferences and journals, and served as program committee members and reviewers for top AI venues.